‘I can’t say enough about Phil and his ability to change one kid’s mindset!

My son was struggling with math and quite far behind the current curriculum, as we’d come back to Australia after living overseas for a long time. Entering the private school system and a year of home schooling left my child with severe self-doubt as to his own ability as well as a large gap in terms of catching up on the curriculum.

Enter Phil… he made it fun and stimulating for my son, he engaged at his level (Grade 10) and provided constant encouragement along with the teaching. Just this week my son received 93% on a math test and told me that he’d used a “Phil trick” to work out the answer to a complicated question that “no one else knew the answer to”.

I can’t recommend Phil enough if you’re seeking a professional, highly personable and encouraging tutor for you child. A+’

Tiff K.

‘With work taking our family to various overseas locations over the past 12 years, we had concerns that our son Rhys may have missed maths content in his education.

With the most recent move from the northern hemisphere schooling system back to Australia we were certain Rhys had missed six months of content, in the lead up to his year 11 and 12 schooling.

Phil quickly assessed the situation, focused on the topics missed, and brought Rhys back up to the level he needed for his final year of schooling. It was clear from his tutoring that not only is Phil an expert in his field but easily builds a rapport with his students.

A strength of Phil’s is the clear communication to us as parents on the progress achieved and targets set for future learnings. We have no hesitation in recommending Phil for tutoring.’

Bernard and Hayley B.

‘Working with the team at Clear View Tutoring has been a wonderful experience for not only our daughter in year 12, but the entire family.

Phil, James and their colleagues genuinely care about our daughter and focus on inspiring her during every tutoring session and in between via phone, text or email.

Our daughter’s grades have soared but more importantly, her confidence and belief in herself has grown.’

Dee N.

‘I had always questioned the need for engaging a tutor when we were already paying so much towards school fees. It wasn’t until our daughter came home for school one day distraught and in tears, because she just couldn’t keep up with Maths, I reached out on Facebook for referrals for Math tutors in our area and Phil reached out to me – thankfully!

He came over and spent an hour with our daughter one week and half-way through the hour the second week he had been able to determine what the problem was – he then put to us all a plan going forward – tutoring is a team effort, it’s not just the student who has to do the work. If the tutor – and the parents – are not invested in the student then it doesn’t work.

Phil was amazing with our daughter and once we saw the difference tutoring was making to her math we then met James who has been assisting her with Physics and Chemistry. Her dream of being a Vet or studying Engineering are now well within her reach and she is now even considering doing a doctorate in Medicine – which I now believe she can do – thanks to Phill and James!’

Amanda C.

‘I am writing to confirm that Phil is an excellent tutor of Engineering. He is thorough, methodical, and extremely familiar with the syllabus.

I would commend Phil to anyone.’

Sandra F.

‘I honestly cannot thank Phil Baillie and his team enough for their help with both my children, Jack age 10 in year 6 & Maddy age 14 in year 9.

Phil is amazing at adapting his teaching methods to accommodate each of the children’s learning ability to achieve great results.

Maddy’s results this year have been the best she has ever seen and Jack is enjoying Maths again with solid A’s.

We have had many tutors both in the USA and in Sydney and I can honestly say Phil and his team are the best we have ever had and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Also a very special thank you to Cher who helped us navigate through the ATAR subject selection and giving Maddy the confidence and tools to keep moving forward.’

Veronia R.

‘Marg (Tutor Marg Watson) was fantastic. Helping me pass the Algebra. Not to mention you (Phil Baillie) as well.

Thanks so much for everything. There is no way I would have passed without your help.’

Ken F. (TAFE Student)