Our Results

Our team members have a thorough understanding of the Australian curriculum modules for the new curriculum, meaning they know what to teach and the core skills required to achieve improved grade outcomes.

Trained in the current ISMGs (Instrument-specific Marking Guides) Clear View tutors can quickly identify ‘high value’ items – the most important facts a student needs to know.

Identifying where marks are being lost, understanding what areas need work, sharing tips and tricks to aid retention of information, breaking down processes and making sense of steps contribute to each student achieving a ‘Clear View’ of what they need to do to get results.

“The fact that every child we have tutored has demonstrated improvement, is a sure sign that our process works.”

When a student sits down with a Clear View tutor, they quickly learn they are not alone. A listening ear, someone that genuinely cares – we hear you, and cater to your specific needs. We are on your team!