You don’t need any special software or downloads for your Clearview Tutoring sessions.

Sessions are one to one. We provide everything else. For on-line lessons, students only require a laptop or computer with an internet connection, audio and a web cam. The sessions are always either in person or on-line live, in real time and interactive.

On the whole, children of all ages respond very well working with their personal tutor online as most of them already use similar technology at school. Our personalised approach and regular parent conferencing after each session provide students (and parents) with confidence.


This depends on what the student requires and the individualised learning program that we design. Our flexibility means you can step-up the number of sessions when there is an immediate need and reduce frequency as and when required.

You have several options, including whether you pay-as-you-go or purchase a package of sessions. There is no commitment to any long-term contracts. Once we understand your child’s needs, we help you work out the best package that will work for you and your child.

We also welcome NDIS funded students.

You can schedule sessions anytime between 4pm and 10pm, Monday to Friday and 7am to 6pm on weekends.

During the holiday period sessions can be booked from 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 6pm on weekends.

Instead of doing a formal assessment that’s often stressful for your child, we get straight into tutoring. As the lessons progress, our tutors gleam an understanding of how the student thinks, learns and interprets the content. Through identifying the key skill areas required for success, the tutor can then tailor the focus of the lessons to achieve optimal learning improvement.

It depends on your child’s learning needs and their current level of knowledge.

We recommend once a week to start with and reassessing as your child progresses.

Our tutors hold specific qualifications in excess of a Bachelor in Education in general secondary or primary teaching. Each teacher holds a three or four year degree in their subject area of specialisation.

We always aim to book the same tutor for each session your child has with Clear View Tutoring. If your tutor is on leave or your availability changes, we’ll match you with another suitable tutor and update them on your child’s progress.

Yes they definitely do. During your child’s first session your tutor will gauge their level of skills and knowledge and identify any strengths and weaknesses they have.