Our Approach

Providing individual attention to students in the modern classroom environment, while not impossible, can be challenging for teachers faced with educating large classes comprised of many students with differing levels of understanding and methods of learning.

Clear View Tutoring provides professional, personalised, and supportive academic coaching that develops understanding, builds confidence, and brings out the best in all of our students.

We stand out from the crowd by providing one-to-one focused tuition, delivered by experienced teachers who are highly qualified and accomplished in their specialist subject fields, and have a thorough understanding of the new Australian curriculum.

Our tutors are all degree qualified, experienced teachers with essential knowledge of the Australian curriculum and state specific curriculum.

Through fostering strong client relationships our teachers gain a deeper understanding of the needs of each student. In building trust, we create improved opportunities for open communication and a pathway to higher grades.

Our highly qualified team members are unique in their ability to take their high-level understanding of each subject and deliver it at the right level for each individual student, in language they can understand.